The Mariner's Log

also known as God's Plan of Happiness in Ten Simple Symbols

Have you ever wondered: "Why are we here?" Do you ever contemplate why God made the earth or, given the pain many people have, if there really is a God or if he really cares about us? These deep questions have bothered people since the very beginning of everything!

God has provided us answers to our questions and help to understand why our world is the way it is. He wants us to learn many things and grow up to become like him. God created a plan to accomplish this. This plan is called "God's Plan of Happiness."

You have likely come to this web page because you were intrigued by this string of characters: 03IXI8E0OC. I call this "the Mariner's Log." The log is a graphical representation of God's Plan of Happiness, to help you remember the Plan and what God wants to do for you. What I am about to tell you is not fiction; it is my understanding of God's purposes for the earth and our mortal lives.

Though what I say here has deep roots in a particular religious belief, the things I write here come from my own personal understanding of God and his Plan. These writings do not represent the official position of any group or anyone besides Jason Nemrow. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and there may be many similarities between what is written here and official LDS doctrine. If you are interested in learning more about LDS beliefs regarding God's Plan of Happiness, you can visit or talk with a Latter-day Saint about it.

I repeat: the things explained in this web page are NOT official statements of LDS doctrine, nor are these writings endorsed by the LDS Church.

Here is some background into the creation and early history of the Mariner's Log.

A Short Explanation of the Log

Please understand that this short explanation is totally incomplete and the symbols associated with each part of God's Plan might not seem to have anything to do with what is written in this section. This short explanation is merely a "teaser" to the larger explanation that follows. If you like, it is a reluctant and unsatisfactory answer for impatient people who want a one-minute response to the question of "What is this Mariner's Log?"

0 - God created a plan for us to grow up with an opportunity to become like him.

3 - Two-thirds of us chose to accept God's plan and Jesus was our leader.

I - As part of the plan, we had to come to earth by being born.

X - We are here on earth to prove to God that we will follow his plan and that we will take the help of Jesus.

I - We will all die and our chance to prove ourselves to God will come to an end.

8 - God will give us a last time to learn about and follow his plan after death.

E - Jesus will judge how we followed the plan and give us our ultimate reward.

0 - If we reject the plan or break a big law of God, we will be given a poor reward.

O - If we follow parts of God's plan, we will be given a better reward.

C - If we follow God's plan completely, we can grow to become like him: the best reward of all.

As you read the more detailed explanations of each part of God's Plan of Happiness, everything will make much more sense and you will understand how the symbols relate to each part.

On the Log Symbols

Each symbol of the Log is a number or a letter, but you must understand that each symbol is more accurately a graphical representation of a part of God's Plan of Happiness. The Log was designed to be comprehensible to anyone, no matter their language or culture, as an aid in understanding the Plan. The fact that all of the symbols are commonly used numbers and letters simply allows the Log to be transmitted easily by email, web page, typewriter, handwriting, or other means of communication.

The Explanation of The Mariner's Log or God's Plan of Happiness

I have only given a passing attempt at explaining God's Plan of Happiness here. Learning the nature of God and what he wants us to do is a unending process and I am sure even those people who are very knowledgeable about the Plan still have much to learn from God about it. I don't think anyone on earth fully comprehends the entire Plan, least of all me.

In this explanation, I have intentionally left out some aspects of the Plan, such as the importance of physical bodies and the Resurrection. I do this to keep the explanation brief and to encourage you to seek out a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that you respect to get a more complete explanation of the Plan.

The Most Treasured Things I Take Away from the Plan

Each person has an individual reaction to God's Plan of Happiness. For myself, I am struck by the love of God for us. He is willing to share all he has and all he is with us. Like any good father, he wants us to have the joy and happiness that he has. I can imagine him working every day of my life to help me along as I strive to follow the example of Jesus Christ toward the best reward the Plan offers. The world ceases to be a confusing and frightening place and becomes an opportunity to grow and learn and understand what is truly important and also an opportunity to share my perspective with others.

This was the reason that I created the Salvation Code: to share God's Plan of Happiness with as many people as possible. I am, by nature, a person who is reluctant to do things that I think might upset or offend others, just like a lot of people. Jesus Christ has said that teaching others about the Plan is very important and this is my way of honoring all his efforts and showing my desire to obey and follow him.

I hope that the Code and this inadequate and incomplete explanation of God's Plan of Happiness will touch your soul and that you will get a desire to learn more about what God has in store for you. I hope you will contact a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and discover that there is more to know about God and Jesus Christ and what they want you to do. You can learn that all these things are true through the warm feelings that come from the Holy Ghost, just as I have learned them.

I have felt God's love and I know that if you haven't had that feeling, you can. I know God lives and I know he loves you and wants you to become like him. I know that Jesus Christ makes it possible for us to repent of the things we do wrong and that he will lead us back to God, if we will follow him. God awaits me and God awaits you. May these things bring you closer to that highest reward that God wants you to have!