Famous People I would Like to Meet

Sadly, many of these people have died, so I may have to wait for the afterlife to meet them.

This is a very eclectic group, which I guess honoring them here reflects my own oddity. They are predominantly people that are completely unknown outside of their fields of endeavor.

Albert Jay Nock

One of the "fathers" of "classical liberalism" (libertarianism), which is the political philosophy I embrace (and I think God does as well). Not an anarchist and not a socialist.

Joseph Smith, Jr.

Very endurant man and the founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and "Mormonism". He is the prophet who God worked through to restore the authentic gospel of Jesus Christ and Church to the earth!

Gary Kildall

A guy who knew how to be proportionate in life and business, who never took himself too seriously, and was the creator of the computer operating system CP/M and a co-founder of (Intergalactic) Digital Research, Inc.

Chuck Moore

The creator of the Forth programming language and hardware designed upon the same lines. Accused of being clinically insane and is very particular about where he lives.

Jeff Hawkins

This is the guy predominately behind the wonderful Palm Pilots, though he has done much more. Both a philosopher and a technologist, his Zen of Palm is a must-read.

Paul Erdos

The wandering mathematician that collaborated with everyone. Homeless yet had a home everywhere and often talked in his own language.

Bob Pease

One of the most brilliant analogue circuit engineers ever. Avid Nepal hiker.

Jon Postel

A pioneer of the Internet, "the" editor of many Internet standards and Requests for Comment, and "the" Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. A benevolent (non)dictator in the grain of God.

    • RFC 793 - "Transmission Control Protocol - Section 2.10 Robustness Principle

    • RFC 2468 - "I Remember IANA" by Vint Cerf