Tucumcari Mountain Attempt with Brenna - 2006

Date: July 3, 2006

Equipment Trials

I got my Land's End Extreme Sport Shoes ($30) and wore them almost constantly (at work, too). They fit me well.

We ordered a pair for Lisa, but it was a problem of being just too tight around the balls of her feet and affecting her little toes. Moleskin didn't seem to help. We ultimately gave Lisa'sshoes to Brenna (she wears the same length but has a thinner foot), which is why the first hike is with Brenna.

We were looking at more expensive shoes for Lisa and ultimately ordered some very nice ones from Sierra Trading Post on a clearance sale. We also got shoes just like mine for Shayna on a closeout for only $17. The shoes have all arrived and seem to be working well for everyone!

Brenna's First Hike

We got most of the way up Tucumcari Mountain before Brenna got nice big blisters on her heels. We didn't have any moleskin with us, so we went back down. I had been wearing my water shoes for weeks and no blisters to be found.

The photos in the directory here are as follows:

(All the photos were taken from a vantage point about halfway up Tucumcari Mountain. We took these on the way down from our failed attempt.)

Project Update

Brenna has decided she will be wearing her shoes more often so her feet can get used to them. Not a bad idea!