Computer Help

As a neighborly act that makes use of my (hopeful) more technical talents, I help people with their computer questions and issues for no charge. In exchange, I share a little of my understanding of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ as I have learned it from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and perhaps a story or two from The Book of Mormon.

The Best Way to Contact Me for Help

I have a full-time job fixing and maintaining computers and a busy family and religious life, so I must be careful as to how my "neighborly help" fits with those things. Even if you know my work or home phone numbers, I really, really don't want to address your problems over the phone, as it forces me to drop whatever I am doing at the moment, which is likely very important! Please be considerate of my time.

I ask that you send me an email with some details about your problem at: This gives you a chance to think about your problem and maybe come up with your own solution before contacting me and it gives me a chance to think about your problem as well and come up with good help for you. I understand that you may not be able to send emails because your computer isn't working, so you may have to have another friend email me on your behalf. I have to be this way because I am pulled so many directions!

My Qualifications

As many of you don't know me very well, it may reassure to know that I have over 25 years of experience with computers and their repair. I am CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certified Professional. Beyond whatever consumer-grade Windows-based computer problems you might have, I am CompTIA Linux+ and Security+ certified Professional, I have a LPIC-1 certification, and am a Novell Certified Linux System Administrator and Data Center Technical Specialist. I also hold a Masters degree in Information Technology Network Management. Basically, I am really quite competent at not only your computer, but a whole class of computers and technical activities that you might not know existed!

Frequently-Asked Questions

I would be willing to pay for your help! Can't we make some deal?
I really am very busy with my job and I cannot have a business-like commitment to you that might interfere with it. Also, depending on where I am and various labor policies, I cannot be self-employed or behave like I am. This is the reason that I help you as a neighbor and that it cannot be construed as anything else, especially to the authorities. If you need professional service, please look in a local directory for such.
Why are you so strange about not using the words "service" or "free" when talking about this?
Words mean things, especially in an official way that governments use them. If I were to provide a "service", even for "free", I would likely violate some regulation, especially if I happen to be a guest of the country where I am offering help. I might be taking the food off someone's table if my "service" reduced someone else's "business". I specifically have to do what I do in an un-business-like way, which is inconvenient enough for others that they are more likely to use a "computer shoppe" for their needs. I can help out a friend, but I can't provide a "service", even if I don't charge money for what I do. I can't use such words and I can't just do the same thing and call it by a different name.
Can't I just drop off my sick computer and pick it up when you have fixed it?
Absolutely not! That puts me into direct competition with computer repair businesses and I could get into trouble! As a friend, I might come to your house and help you to fix your own computer or give you some neighborly technical advice, that is fine. When you walk away from the situation in some way and leave me to solve things for you, I am providing a service that competes with others that provide the same service, usually for a fee. To add insult to injury, I would be undercutting that competition by offering to do it for "free". Not a way to make friends and be a good neighbor, stealing away another person's livelihood!
I don't understand why you refuse to do this for money, as a business...
My purpose is to get out into the community and meet new people and to be useful in some way. I also use it as a way to share the things I have learned about God and the LDS Church. I want to be upfront about it without being overbearing, so people will not be confused about why I do these things. God has been so kind and generous to me that I want to be kind and generous to others, as much as I am able. One way I can do this is to help people through my computer experience. I am really not interested in doing anything beyond that.